View Full Version : Virgil, I need to get in touch w/Brett Garsed

Angel Rose
09-24-2003, 04:22 PM
Hi, Virgil:

Met you at MI after one of your performances with Brett. I studied guitar with Brett. I want to talk to him about a project - film - that we discussed briefly and I want new lessons from him if possible. Also, he can vouch for my voice. I want a new project & need assistance from him. I sent you another, lengthier emial but I have no idea where in the galaxy it ended up. From right here to somewhere and if you can find it, it will explain more than this shortened version. Hope to hear from you & Brett soon. Virgil, I want my voice to be heard and do want my work to be known. Brett knows how I feel about alot of things and I do need my friends to guide me. I know how much both of you have influenced me in my work and inspired me to always strive for the perfect moment-perfect note. I always keep that in mind in my singing and have yet to achieve it with my guitar. The book I wrote is a fairytale-science fiction and a whole lot of fun as a read, but I see it as a film. I hope Brett & you will consider working on the music score. So, do talk to Brett & see if you and he can work something out with me so that I can join the working force of musicians and entertainers out there.
Love & my best regards to both you and Brett, Angel
P.S. Virgil, you & you alone I believe have the fastest hands work that I have ever seen. Extraordinary.

09-26-2003, 11:06 AM
Sorry if you thought Virg had replied Angel Rose, he doesn't really hang out here because he's SO busy, although he might very well have read your email!
Garsed has a website where you might get in touch with him there if that helps? A lot of people are doing all they can to get recognised (even Virg has problems sometimes) so keep trying even if you don't manage to get in contact with Garsed.

All the best with your work:)