View Full Version : Two kits

12-30-2004, 12:08 AM
Yamaha Oak Custom, Matte Red

toms--8x10, 9x12

Kit's in great condition (bagged when not in use--which has been none at all in the past few months), maybe a year old, fairly new remo heads, TH945 double tom holder, floor tom legs

I've got a raw sound clip of all of the drums, and pictures


+$100 with H&B tuxedo bags

Roland V-Custom Drumkit

TD-8 Module, great condition (covered when not in use--used very sporadically the last year), bass drum beater that was included with kit, Pro-Mark nylon brushes, 7A Ahead sticks.. maybe some other goodies

I'm tired and lazy (my apologies ;)), so if anyone is truly interested PM or IM me and we can talk specifics.