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12-16-2004, 03:01 PM
I always love to play 6/8 grooves, and Warfinger fulfilled that desire on the Universe record, with a couple of twists; the B and C sections modulated to 4/4.

Without a doubt the section that was most fun to play was the bass solo groove. It has an interesting syncopated groove, which can be challenging to play. At the end of the bass solo some keyboard hits are introduced, which I pick up on the snare. This requires you to think of not only the phrasing of the bass drum line, but also this keyboard phrasing. Itís quite interesting, and Iíve included a chart to clarify the sections. Enjoy!

Here is the rhythm of the riff in the bass solo section. You can practice it on the snare drum as written until you become familiar with the phrasing.

<img src="images/!charts/warfinger-a.gif">

Now you can transfer the rhythm to the bass drum, and add a simple 1/4 note groove with the hands. This will teach you to feel the basic 4/4 pulse over the syncopated bass drum line.

<img src="images/!charts/warfinger-b.gif">

Example 3 is the version I played on the record. The difference between this and ex. 2 is that the hi-hat is playing 1/4 note triplets, accenting every second beat. This increases the level of difficulty substantially.

<img src="images/!charts/warfinger-c.gif">

In Example 4, the hi-hat and bass drum remain the same, but the snare drum catches the keyboard hits when they enter.

<img src="images/!charts/warfinger-d.gif">

<img src="images/attach/mp3.gif">Click here to download Warfinger without the drum track. (http://www.virgildonati.com/msgboard/attachments/tracks_warfinger.mp3)