View Full Version : Danny Gottlieb MASTER CLASS

10-26-2004, 07:00 AM
man, yesterday i went to see a USF (university of south florida, north tampa) jazz concert... it was a RICH PERRY CONCERT... a saxophone player that plays in the village vanguard jazz orchestra... i didn't know him, and I haven't heard the VVJO yet... all i know is that John Riley (art of bop and beyond bop drumming books) playes there... ok, the guy was playing with the USF faculty... the drummer was Danny Gottlieb!!! (pat metheny, john mclaughlin) man, that guy is a fucking monster... it was incredible to see a master THAT CLOSE!!! i mean, i saw Jeff TAIN Watts... but he was so far away... this was like, a tiny hall, front row... WOW, TOO MUCH MAN!!! and the band was tight...

i spoke to danny and told him that i wasn't expecting him to be there and that he was awesome!!! dude, what a nice guy... he told me he's teacher for the graduate program there in USF... he told me the regular teacher is STEVE DAVIS (the guy from some of the jamey abersold books, AWESOME GUY) and that there is gonna be a master class on NOV. 12... i will post some more info when i get it, I BELIEVE IT IS A TUESDAY...

IF YOU LIVE IN TAMPA FL, (and if you like jazz, fusion, etc, ort just drumming in general) I RECCOMEND THAT YOU ATTEND THIS MASTER CLASS, FREE!!!... DANNY GOTTLIEB IS A FRIGGIN' MONSTER