View Full Version : Special Thank's from Virg to Premium Members

09-23-2004, 02:39 PM
I just recieved the New Ring Of Fire disc "Lapse Of Reality" which is a GREAT!
disc the best they have put out yet IMO. Virgil's compositional contributions abound throughout along with his Fantastic drumming. Steve Weingart(on key's) is a wonderful addition and Tony Mac is terrific like always. If you like
Prog rock/melodic hard rock with a tinge of neo than you will like this album without a doubt. Their is no finer group of musicians in this genre than this group. And Virg gives a SPECIAL acknowledgment and thank's to all the Premium members in the liner notes. Very cool indeed. And of course there is a BIG thank's at the top of the notes to Webmaster Supreme Christopher, and for good reason!


09-23-2004, 10:06 PM
I really love this album too. I just got it not long ago and I really dig some of the compositions. You can REALLY see which songs are arranged by Virgil....very Planet X-ish! Personally, I LOVE the Dreamtower record. That's the best one so far.

It's really good that he's thanking us...because in the end, WE are thanking him for all the inspiration! - That goes a LONG way!!!!

If I had a scanner I would scan it in. Can anyone do this so that the other members can see it? - Would be cool, no?