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08-08-2003, 04:15 PM
First thing i noticed was that Virg was very confident in this vid. Because i have Power Drumming already and he seems so uncomfortable talking and even at times when he's playing, like the producer is forcing him to do things. What's with the leather jacket Virg?!?

About his kit, it seems like a very Bozzio orientated kit, i mean, i haven't seen a caged kit THAT big before! And it's not that there are alot of drums, just stuff spread out all over the place. Those spoxe are cool too, like the bell of a ride, which i love the sound of.

ANYWAY, the triplet exercises are cool and i've got me a transcrition of the Origin and the End grooves now:D. (btw, he played that song practically half speed to the version on MD97 too!)

Some interesting solos, like Jazz or Somethin'. All in all, a helpful vid and i'm glad i have it in my Virg collection:), and if you want to read more, go to:


Btw the vid is in PAL format. Enjoy and feel free to ask more questions if you want!


08-08-2003, 11:09 PM
Yea, the clothes are interesting but the substance is great. What a talent and back then!!!

Now, he's beyond alien!

I saw him tonight.

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