View Full Version : Virgil No Longer A FREAK!

07-26-2004, 12:42 PM
Virgil has left the house. He has officially parted ways with Freakhouse (http://www.freakhouse.com). It seems that he has felt the pressure of having to spread himself too thinly and has taken steps to prioritize his energies.

“I just felt I couldn’t devote the time necessary to develop the band, and to work on songs. Honestly, Rob, Matt and Scott are the nicest guys I’ve ever worked with, and I wish them all the luck on their forthcoming ‘Harsh Reality Tour’.”

In other news, Virgil is putting his finishing touches on his upcoming drum transcription book from Warner Bros. which will cover 8 songs from both Planet X (http://www.xplanetx.com) and On The Virg. There is no concrete release date yet, but here's a listing of the songs that will be transcribed:

Planet X
Inside Black

On The Virg
Invasion of the Ants
Native Metal
Alien Hip-Hop
Pyramids on Mars