View Full Version : Back from Nearfest 2004 + New pictures from clinics!

07-20-2004, 03:40 PM
<span style="float: right;"><img src="http://www.virgildonati.com/images/news-nearfest.jpg"></span>As a lot of may have heard, Planet X (http://www.xplanetx.com) rocked the Nearfest (http://www.nearfest.com) this year in Bethlehem, PA. Thank you very much to all the PX fans who came out to enjoy the show. Also, a big thank you to the organizers of the event for making it a great festival.

There have been a few pics floating around the web right after the show wrapped up and the Planet X website was updated soon after with the latest pics. Check out Virgil's picture gallery for a selection of pics from Nearfest 2004. As a special treat, we have also included some video highlights from the event. Click here to check it out. (http://www.virgildonati.com/videos/nearfest2004-highlights.wmv) (Requires Windows Media player) There will be some more footage from this year's Nearfest for the Premium Members (http://www.virgildonati.com/masterclass/). Stay tuned for that.

In upcoming dates news, Virgil has been confirmed to play at the Montreal Drum Fest (http://www.montrealdrumfest.com) on November 13th, 2004. More confirmed dates coming soon!

Virgil's recent clinic pictures from Poland and Montreal are now online. Click here to check it out (http://www.virgildonati.com/media_gallery.php).