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08-01-2003, 02:37 PM
Just got this Vid and it's really helpful! He covers everything from just building up your doubles to metric modulations , quintuplet fills and drum licks. Good stuff and you should check it out at www.houseofdrumming.com

Btw he's also releasing a new album called Altered and you can get a Drum-Cam DVD of all the tracks too.

Check it out!:)

08-01-2003, 08:38 PM
Steve has some good pointers,
especially for players who are
stuck on riffs. He breaks it down
so that you can see the different
pieces of the puzzle.

For instance, his half-time shuffles
are played very clearly in triplets
but so that the ghost notes can
be clearly seen as part of the
figure. This particular rhythm sticks
a lot of players and the only real
reason is that they haven't seen
or had it explained clearly.

When you are studying with or
watching a drummer on an instruct-
ional tape/dvd, you want to be able
to learn something, NOT just be
blown away by what the drummer is
doing. Otherwise, you're going to
have to do the extra work in figuring
out what's happening.

As a young drummer, I did not have
the luxury drummers have today. I
had to listen and imagine. I had to
borrow money and go to the shows
as a teenager and WATCH. I had
to find a couple of great drummers
and pay them for lessons. I learned
from two great drummers but from
one of them, I did not learn as much
and that's because he didn't make
it clear in words and deed.

Steve is one of the guys who talks
and plays clearly.

He gets my thumbs up.

08-02-2003, 03:56 PM
Well said as always peter:)
I think the 3 free Drum Lesson made available by him to download are still up on his site, so you guys should check out his teachings for yourselves.

Steve Holmes
08-03-2003, 12:23 AM
Thanks for the kind words guys. Honestly it's all about sharing with other drummers for me, the internet is such a powerfull tool to communicate and we can all reach other drummers through it.
Here are links to three lessons mentioned.

Lesson one (the blush-da lick) (http://www.houseofdrumming.com/hod_blushda.wmv)
Lesson two (a cool Gadd inspired lick) (http://www.houseofdrumming.com/hod_gaddlick.wmv)
Lesson three (the alternating hand-feet Rolls Virgil does) (http://www.houseofdrumming.com/hod_handfeet.wmv)

Here's (http://www.houseofdrumming.com/dvdpromo.zip) the preview clip for the drum cam footage in the studio from the latest CD of the fusion trio I'm in called ALTERED.

All clips require the LATEST Windows Media Player.

Virgil has been quite an ispiration on me the last few years. He really came along and pushed the barrier of possibilites.

08-03-2003, 09:35 PM

You know, this is one of the riffs of Steve that
I have seen different interpretations of. I was
lucky enough to have watched him very frequently
and up close, during the 1970's and even had a
chance to talk with on a number of occassions.
My story is over at his (Stan's) site on Intrepid.

When I heard this riff, remember there weren't
CD's, just records and the first thing I had to do,
like always, was to picture what he might possibly
be doing, in my mind and I came up with a couple
of alternate scenerios, which I actually preferred,
in the end but it was totally unintentional. They're
strewn in this video. You might be able to see it,
despite the quality of the video. At least, you'll
hear it. Check it out:


The pattern starts out LLRR on the snare to L on
the tom1 to R on tom2, followed the quarter note
kick. It's actually a 5-stroke combination. You have
a good ear. I'm sure you will catch it.

Another variation that I tried and use sometimes,
for quicker tempos is: LR on the snare to L on tom1
to R on tom2 to the quarter-note kick. This is still a
5-stroke combo.

I learned more from Steve Gadd during those years
about the drums than just about anytime in my life,
except for, perhaps, recently. He is one of the most
articulate drummers ever recorded, in my opinion
and one of my very favorites of all time and I'm
saying that, having been a student of Tony. That
says a lot.

By the way, I really think you have excellent
traditional technique, with a good touch and
what's more, you are considerate and secure
enough with yourself to communicate it.

Continued success to you.

Incidentally, what encoder do you use to convert
your video files, if you don't mind me asking?

One more thing, you're interpretation on the riff
is very close to what he actually is doing, closer
to it than what I ended up doing, which I just
happened to prefer fo rmyself, through the years
and you do it very well, like everything else.

Steve Holmes
08-03-2003, 11:28 PM
Hey very nicely done Peter. Gadds licks have influenced an entire generation, it sounds like you had some unique oppurtunities to see him play.

I filmed that stuff with a mini-dvd cam, then capture with firewire to raw AVI, then use Windows Media Encoder to make the WMV. It's free. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/default.asp

08-04-2003, 06:28 AM

Thanks, Steve. I'm just another drummer, trying to do what feels right but not necessarily what IS right but that's because there really is no "right". One thing Steve said to me was:

"Copy me all you want but you'll still sound like you."

You're right about him influencing and entire generation. I still try to get to see him whenever he's in town. He's coming, with James Taylor, later this month but the high profile gigs he has and the security at shows today makes it very difficult to communicate personally with him. I want to remind him that I was the kid that set up his drums for him once, when he couldn't, as a little 16-year old.

When you encoded with the WME, did you you choose the the Streaming option or did you encode to another type? If you could tell me exactly what option you chose, it might help me. I'm wondering if I'm doing the best I can with it. Thanks.

When I see drummers trying to work into their approaches the thrust of what I believe Gadd was about, I always look for the strong rudimentary support and especially from their left hands, as well as the powerful, 1/4-note emphasis. It's clear that you spent a lot of time listening and analyzing his approach. Perhaps you saw his videos, which also take apart from of his signature licks, which show, even though he's very tired, a very personable and humble drummer. (All he did was talk about other players).

Nice chatting with you, Steve.

Steve Holmes
08-04-2003, 10:06 AM
I believe I chose "for playing directly from a computer" for the file I was making. Experiemnt with various quality settings, I usually do the second or third-highest setting.
It's all about file size and quality though, I try to get the video to a reasonable size for the dial-up folks. The lessons are 320x240 but the dvd promo is 720x480 (tv resolution) which ups the file size but it's worth it I think. I think the dvdpromo is like 20mb, not too bad I guess.

08-04-2003, 10:21 AM
Thanks, Steve.