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All files are in MP3 format. Click on a link to save a sound clip to disk.

You will need WinAMP or Windows Media Player for Windows or iTunes for Mac to listen to these MP3 sound clips.


Played along with some of the best musicians in Australia, Virgil shows us what displaced' rock is all about! Artists include Phil Turcio, Evripides Evripidou, and Simon Hosford.

On The Virg - Serious Young Insects

  1. Native Metal [FULL TRACK]
  2. Malfunction
  3. Alien Hip-Hop
  4. Sort Yourself Out!
  5. Pyramids on Mars
  6. Dragon Bones
  7. Trencherman
  8. Out of the Haze
  9. Invasion of the Ants
  10. Running with the Aliens
  11. Penthalon

Highly anticipated 2nd full length recording from Planet X entitled "MoonBabies" which offers a lot more musically and once again raises the bar for progressive-rock music.

Planet X - MoonBabies

  1. MoonBabies
  2. The Noble Savage
  3. Ataraxia
  4. 70 VIR
  5. Micronesia
  6. Interlude in Milan
  7. Digital Vertigo
  8. Ground Zero
  9. Midnight Bell
  10. Ignotum Per Ignotius

Planet X's very first album which received worldwide praise for it's ferocious yet musical approach to prog rock. Truly unique sound. Derek Sherinian on keyboards, Tony MacAlpine on guitar and Virgil on drums. Guest starring bassist Tom Kennedy.

Planet X - Universe

  1. Clonus
  2. Her Animal
  3. Dog Boots
  4. Bitch
  5. King Of The Universe
  6. Inside Black
  7. Europa
  8. Warfinger
  9. Chocolate
  10. Pods Of Trance
  11. 2116

Derek Sherinian's first solo record "Planet X" which later started the popular progressive rock band Planet X. This record features Derek Sherinian on keyboards, Brett Garsed on guitar, Tony Franklin on bass and Virgil on drums.

Derek Sherinian - Planet X

  1. Atlantis - Apocalypse 1470 B.C.
  2. Atlantis - Sea of Antiquity
  3. Atlantis - Lost Island
  4. Crab Nebulae
  5. Box
  6. Money Shot
  7. Key Lime Pie
  8. State of Delirium
  9. Space Martini
  10. Brunei Babylon

Just Add Water is Virgil's second solo record and it's a 100% FULLY IMPROVISED jam session played by Virgil Donati on Drums, Ric Fierrabracci on Bass, and Scott Henderson on guitar! Check it out!

Virgil Donati - Just Add Water

  1. The Arithmetic of Sin
  2. Concerning Female Beauty
  3. The Morals of Chess
  4. On Manners
  5. A Small Opening
  6. A Dispute
  7. Extremely Dirty
  8. How to grow great women

Virgil's very first solo record which was recorded in Australia in 1995. To this day, this album remains one of the most impressive solo performances in solo drumming history. Virgil plays to various backing tracks and solos in between. Click on a link to listen to a sound clip.

Virgil Donati - Stretch

  1. Time's End
  2. The Blessing
  3. The Ninth Insight
  4. Ninth Insight Solo
  5. Drumspeak
  6. Banana Peels
  7. Uganda
  8. Fly's Eyes
  9. Slammage
  10. Pwitl
  11. Just Fishing
  12. Just Fishing Take 2
  13. Time's End II