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Ring of Fire - Lapse of Reality (2004)
King Records (Japan) Frontiers Records (Europe)

  1. Saint Fire
  2. Change
  3. The Key
  4. Darkfall
  5. You Were There
  6. Perfect World
  7. Don't Know (What You're Talking About)
  8. Faithfully
  9. One Little Mystery
  10. Machine
  11. That Kind Of Man
  12. Lapse Of Reality
  13. White Room (Cream's song - JP bonus track)
  14. Isn't It Time (JP bonus track)

Mark Boals - Vocals
Virgil Donati - Drums
Steve Weingart - Keyboards
Tony MacAlpine - Guitars
Philip Bynoe - Bass

Recorded by Mark Boals at Skunk Studio, Burbank, CA
Mixed by Robert Francesco at Studio One, Burbank, CA
Mastering by DNA Mastering, Studio City, CA
Photos by Alex Solca
Logo and artwork by Eric Philippe.