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OLD COVER [1999-2006]

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On The Virg - Serious Young Insects (1999)

  1. Native Metal [Download the full track]
  2. Malfunction
  3. Alien Hip-Hop
  4. Sort Yourself Out
  5. Pyramids on Mars
  6. Dragon Bones
  7. Trencherman
  8. Out of the Haze
  9. Invasion of the Ants
  10. Running from the Aliens
  11. Penthalon

Virgil Donati - Drums
Phil Turcio - Keyboards
Simon Hosford - Guitar
Evripidou - Bass

Special Guests:
T.J Helmerich
Ric Fierrabracci
Brett Garsed

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I'd been playing with On The Virg serveral years prior moving to the USA and thought it would be a shame not to record the band for posterity. On one of my return visits, Vorticity approached me with an offer to record, and so we finally went ahead with it two years after my move to the US.

Logistically it was a problem because most of the guys were in Australia, so they recorded their parts to a guide programmed drum track. The ADATS were sent to me and we then transferred to digital 24 track and cut the drums here in LA. TJ Helmerich recorded the drums and mixed the record.

At that time, I used a Premier Genista kit with a Brady snare drum (14X8 Block Jarrah). I was happy with the result of this record. It was the first time I played progressive music with the freedom I wanted to.