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Jon Stevens - Are u Satisfied? (1993)

  1. Hard As Stone
  2. Goin' Down
  3. Love Makes No Sense
  4. All I Need is You
  5. Stay
  6. Say What Ya Mean
  7. I'll be There
  8. Change Your Mind
  9. Burn So Bright
  10. Reflections
  11. Are U Satisfied?

Jon Stevens (vocals)
Stuart Fraser (bass, guitar)
Nick Barker (guitar)
Virgil Donati (drums)
Paul Gray (keyboards)

Produced by Jon Stevens and Stuart Fraser

It was a pleasure working with Jon, one of the great all time Australian rock vocalists. He was always my favorite, so I was excited to be asked to play on his first solo record.

There was a downside to this period of time. My father was terminally ill, and I felt pressure to finish my work on the record so I could fly back to Melbourne to be with him and the family. Jon was totally supportive of my situation. I remember him driving me to Sydney airport, late at night, as soon as I finished cutting the last track, offering kind words and moral support. I believe Jon has recently been working with INXS.