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Garsed & Helmerich - Under the Lash of Gravity (1999)
Cooee Spide Music

  1. State of the Art*
  2. Two
  3. Ever Be**
  4. Giant
  5. Wake in Fright
  6. King of Neglect
  7. Vicodin
  8. Simon Says
  9. Galactic Waterhole
  10. Nemesis
  11. Bad Luck Go Away

TJ Helmerich - Lead Vocals, Guitar on "Vicodin"
Brett Garsed - Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Vocals.
Virgil Donati - Drums
Richie Gajate Garcia - Percussion
Black - Turntable
Linda Nilsson - Backing Vocal on "State of the Art"

All songs written and produced by Garsed and Helmerich
Engineered and Mixed by TJ Helmerich

* Guitar by TJ Helmerich

** Drums by Brett Garsed

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