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Derek Sherinian - Molecular Heinosity (2009)
InsideOut Records

  1. Antartica
  2. Ascension
  3. Primal Eleven
  4. Wings of Insanity
  5. Forzen by Fire
  6. The Lone Spaniard
  7. Molecular Intro
  8. Molecular Heinosity
  9. So Far Gone

Derek Sherinian - Keyboards
Zakk Wylde - Guitar, Vocals
Rusty Cooley - Guitar
Brian Tichy - Drums
Virgil Donati - Drums
Tony Franklin - Bass

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Derek called me around Christmas time 2008 and asked me to write a new trilogy. We hadn't written a 3 part suite since the Atlantis Trilogy on his first solo record. It all came together quickly - in fact I think I wrote part 1 in two nights. Derek wanted to include an emotive textured keyboard piece, which sloted nicely in the middle. Part 3 (Primal Eleven) was a piece I'd written for my band, but hadn't performed it on many occasions. I decided that with a few tweeks, it would end this trilogy nicely.