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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Remake of the original 60's movie "Alfie" starring Jude Law.

Alfie - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2004)

  1. Old Habits Die Hard
  2. Blind Leading The Blind
  3. New York Hustle
  4. Let's Make It Up
  5. Wicked Time
  6. Lonely Without You (This Christmas)
  7. Darkness Of Your Love
  8. Jack The Lad
  9. Oh Nikki
  10. Blind Leading The Blind
  11. Standing In The Rain
  12. Counting The Days
  13. Old Habits
  14. Alfie
  15. Old Habits Die Hard

With many big names on this soundtrack, Virgil appears on the following tracks:

  • "Lonely Without you"
  • "Darkness Of Your Love"
  • "Oh Nikki"
  • "Counting The Days"