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Yes, I'm also a drummer. I bet you didn't know that. I always wanted to have my own solo record with some good names attached. So I recently released my first record called "Paralysis of Analysis". There, that's my shameless plug. You can pretty much find me on the messageboards, Facebook or in a constant battle with myself!

As you would have guessed, yet another drummer. I usually spend a lot of time on the messageboard. Always ready to talk about music and drumming with all the other great members on the board. Over the years, I have seen this place grow with great characters who simply love to talk about different drumming topics and/or music. It's great to be here! requires the following software/plugins to be viewed at optimal performance: has been officially online since 1998. You can browse the news archives and happenings by year.The official messageboard can be viewed by clicking here. It's free to join. You can discuss all sorts of music and drumming topics with other fans.

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