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Though there are a few "authorized" bootlegs floating out there on the web, whatever is listed here are the official releases on where Virgil Donati appears. You may visit the messageboard to discuss with other fans about other videos from Virgil.

Virgil Donati - Live in Stockholm

Recorded live at the 2005 Bass n' Drum festival, Virgil delivers a performance full of relentless energy and creative excitement. The electricity in the air following the performance was magical & this DVD revives the intense application, dynamism and drama of this special evening in Stockholm.

Special DVD features include: Solos from Vienna, Austria; Montreal Drum Fest 2004; Sydney Drummer's Dream Day; 2004 Website interview; Photo Gallery; Stereo & 5.1 Surround Sound.

You can now buy this DVD from Virgil's Official store!

Steve Vai - Live at the Astoria in London

With over 3.5 hours of footage (including bonus features) this highly-anticipated 2-disc DVD is Steve Vai's first live solo DVD. Featuring Steve Vai (Guitars), Billy Sheehan (Bass), Tony MacAlpine (Guitar and Keyboards), Virgil Donati (Drums), Dave Weiner (Guitar).

Special DVD features include: 5.1 Surround Sound Mix; PCM Stereo; Audio Commentary Track by Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, Tony MacAlpine and Dave Weiner; Band Bios; and Steve Vai's discography.

This DVD can be purchased from Steve Vai's Official website.

The Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2002 DVD

Featuring some of the best names in drumming today. Virgil Donati, The Dave Weckl Band, John Tempesta, Luis Conte, Dom Famularo and more!

Plus footage of Virgil's special master class explaining Planet X's "Ataraxia" and much more.

This DVD can be ordered online from Drumtek.

Ring of Fire - Burning Live in Tokyo 2002

Mark Boals (Vocals), Philip Bynoe (Bass), Virgil Donati (Drums), Vitalij Kuprij (Keyboards) and Tony MacAlpine (Guitar) team up for an aggressive set of concerts in Tokyo on this packed DVD. Special features include interviews with the band members as well as multi angle camera view.

For more information, you can visit the Official Ring of Fire Website.

Virgil Donati - Live at the Modern Drummer Festival

Virgil performs several songs with backing tracks such as Time's End, Origin and the End, Virtue or Reality. In addition, he incorporates a clinic on developing techniques for double bass drumming. Video includes a special practice chart to follow the bass drum part of the clinic. Available on VHS.

Virgil Donati - Power Drumming
(1991 CPP MEDIA)

Power Drumming is a two part-video. In part one, play along with Virgil as he guides you through a 40 minute workout designed to help you develop power, speed, endurance and agility around the drums. Comes with a special practice chart to accompany the video contents. Available on VHS.

Sample videos:

Power Drumming - Slaves
First rendition of the slaves song played frequently at drum clinics. This video is an excerpt from Power Drumming (1992).

Power Drumming - 13/16
Playing a 13/16 time signature with a backing track. This video is an excerpt from Power Drumming (1992).

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Virgil Donati - Obsessive Rhythms
(1989 DBD)

Obsessive Rhythms is an explosive 6 part 'tour de force' revealing Virgil's contemporary approach to drumming and practice. Many styles and ideas are covered, including 4 creatively diverse solos, and two of Virgil's original compositions, "War of Fictions" and "Origin and the End". Also included with a special practice chart to accompany the video contents. Available on VHS.

Sample videos:

Obsessive Rhythms - War of Fictions
An example taken from the video Obsessive Rhythms (1989) which explains how to play to music and how to play with time: simple and complex. This is the simple version of War of Fictions.

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