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Audio cd with 94 tracks of examples taken from various chapters.

Virgil Donati Double Bass Drum Freedom + CD (2009)

Virgil Donati is at the avant-garde of double bass drumming. His innovative ideas have been the focus of much attention for many years, and he continues to forge ahead, breaking down barriers, challenging conventions.

This work gives us insight and provides a detailed guide, through his exercises, on just how he arrived at this point. It sheds light on precisely what it takes to integrate the pedals with the drum kit, to ultimately turn vision into reality.

  1. Develop strong foundational skills
  2. Develop a creative core using the most practical pattern - single strokes
  3. Explore the interpretation & application of various rudimental patterns
  4. Work on innovative rhythmic ideas
  5. Includes a chapter on 'Recorded Works'

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2 CD set containing various slowed down loops of Virgil's tracks to help you reach the right feel for the song. Also includes the original tracks so you can follow along with the transcriptions.

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Virgil Donati Ultimate Play-Along Book / 2 CDs (2005)

Finally, the book drummers worldwide have been waiting for, the ultimate drum transcription with audio play-along from Virgil's most studied drum tracks:

  1. Pyramids on Mars
  2. Native Metal
  3. Invasion of the Ants
  4. Alien Hip-Hop
  5. Dog Boots
  6. Bitch
  7. Inside Black
  8. Europa

This package presents songs selected from two of Virgil's classic recordings, Serious Young Insects (On The Virg) and Universe (Planet X). These explosive compositions, mixed with and without drums, are meticulously broken down and transcribed by Virgil himself. A must-have for any die-hard Virgil fan!

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